Report Digital is one of the leading independent picture libraries and brings together a diverse group of photographers in depicting not only the contradictions of contemporary life in the UK but also those of an increasingly globalized world. We are developing an Archive: "Crisis to Crisis" showing the social and Trade union history of the UK, sourced from the Report, NLAC and individual Archives. We also have a Video library of the work on conflict by the award winning videographer Jason N Parkinson.

Clients can customize their searches by both topic and region. Low resolution comp images are freely available, and the hire res files can be downloaded at your convenience. Subjects available include: current affairs, work, economy, trade unions, health, education, politics, social issues, refugees, environmental issues, culture. Issues of ethnicity, class and gender are central to our concerns.

Photography clients include: Magazines such as The Economist, Prospect Magazine, The Guardian, European newspapers and magazines. Book publishers as well as Educational resource producers. NGO's such as charities, campaign groups and Trades Unions.
HD Video footage clients include News and current affairs programs, BBC, RT, NBC Universal The Guardian Website, Theatre companies and Ipad publishers.

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